Umbrella Hook ( 3 Pc Box )


Product Features:

  1. Fresh modeling umbrella, hanging small items, beautiful and neat, clean and tidy.
  2. Umbrella handle can be dangling items, umbrella up can be placed items.
  3. For tiles, metal coating and other flat surface, does not apply to wallpaper, other paint is easy to peel off the plane.
  4. High-quality matte plastic, feels fine.
  5. Material: Plastic 
  6. Size: Mention Below

Installation method:

  1. The upper part of the umbrella through the pores of the umbrella cloth,
  2. Fixed with rubber ring,
  3. On the back affixed to the glue,
  4. Clean to stick the spot,
  5. Adhesive back film of the tear area
  6. Paste, it is recommended to paste after 24 hours to use
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